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Titles in This Set

Ella Bella Ballerina and Cinderella

The Sleeping Beauty

The Nutcracker

Swan Lake



Can the adorable Ella Bella Ballerina help Cinderella get to the Royal Ball?

Alone on the stage after class, Ella Bella opens Madame Rosa’s magical musical box and is whisked off into the world of the Cinderella ballet. But will Ella Bella be able to help Cinderella meet her perfect Prince Charming?

The Sleeping Beauty

Ella Bella longs to be a beautiful ballerina, and so each week she goes to Madame Rosa’s ballet class at the old theatre. As we all know, theatres are magical places where anything can happen, and sure enough, as soon as Ella Bella opens Madame Rosa’s magical musical box on the empty stage, she’s whisked off in a beautiful lilac light to Sleeping Beauty’s palace. But will she be able to help the Lilac Fairy save Sleeping Beauty from the bad fairy’s wicked spell?

The Nutcracker

Join Ella Bella Ballerina as she twirls into the enchanting world of The Nutcracker ballet with its magical dancing snowflakes, tantalising swirling sweets and, of course, the beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy. But can Ella Bella help the Nutcracker to defeat his arch enemy, the wicked Mouse King?

James Mayhew’s richly detailed storytelling and his exquisite, retro art-style make this book perfect for all would-be prima ballerinas. The final page is devoted to ballet facts, so children can learn about the original ballet The Nutcracker.

Swan Lake

Can Ella Bella help the swan princess to be reunited with her prince? Will she help to break the wicked sorcerer’s spell? Will true love conquer all?

Young ballerinas will find the answer to all these questions and delight in the sheer charm of Ella Bella’s world. James Mayhew has also included a last page full of ballet facts to help even the keenest budding ballerina learn about the story behind Swan Lake.

[Ella Bella Ballerina Collection is a story of little girl who loves to dance and in this 4 picture books set series, we have popular titles such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker and Swan Lake.]

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